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Katerina Kotsi

Business-People Growth Coach

Coach Trainer-Mentor-Supervisor




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Stelios Gatzionis

Career Coach & Counselor

Coach Trainer-Mentor-Supervisor


Katerina Kotsi, as Business Growth Coach, specializes in sustainable growth and empowerment of enterprises, through workforce growth, implementation of strategic changes and best practices. Through her career path she has acquired extensive experience and expertise in Business Management & Strategic Marketing & Branding, having worked for organizations in the private sector for several years.

As People Growth Coach, she helps individuals who wish to bring about positive change and progress in their personal and professional life.

As Coach Trainer-Mentor-Supervisor, she trains, guides and supports new colleagues.

Katerina, also volunteers in an athletic club, working on its development, as well as on the support and growth of its athletes.

Her wealth of experience acquired along her life and career course, have equipped her with the ability to deeply comprehend the needs and challenges of her clients, working with them for the optimal outcome.

Katerina holds an accredited "Diploma in Evidence-based Coaching (EMCC, AC, EOPPEP), a Bsc in Business Administration from the American College of Greece (ACG-Deree College) and has received training in the field of Positive Psychology and its interventions from Pennsylvania University (USA). Katerina, continuously studies, gets informed and educated about any new scientific advancement in Coaching Psychology field. 

She is a member of the Hellenic Society of Counseling and Guidance.

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Stelios Gatzionis, as Career Coach & Counselor, specializes in Career Theories and their utilization in coaching, as well as in the synthesis of Career Coaching and Career Counseling. He works with people at the early stages of their career who are currently entering the labour market, as well as people seeking occupational changes (changing working environment and/or career field), aiming at the increase in their work satisfaction levels. 

As Coach Trainer-Mentor-Supervisor, he trains, guides and supports new colleagues.

As Teacher of English, he has had extensive experience in adult education, preparing students for English-speaking universities and teaching Business English. He also cooperates with international examination bodies.

Stelios holds an accredited "Diploma in Evidence-based Coaching" (EMCC, AC & EOPPEP), a Postgraduate Certificate in Counseling and Career Guidance (ASPETE) and a post graduate diploma from ASTON University, specializing in TESOL. He has also been trained in «Systemic Thinking», in Positive Psychology and in Adult Education.

Stelios studies, gets informed and educated about any new research developments in the field of Coaching Psychology. 

He is a member of the Hellenic Society of Counseling and Guidance.

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Katerina and Stelios are two of the authors of the book "CAREER COUNSELING, Contemporary Approaches and Applications, 21st Century", which offers an integrated approach to Career Counseling & Coaching in the 21st century, drawing from the most contemporary international bibliography and research (Grigoris publications, 2021).

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