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Career Coaching


It is addressed to

Individuals who wish to work through and manage career issues effectively.



- Career choice, career transition

- Career development

- Professional ID development

- Handling occupational changes 

- Job hunting in the field of interest

CV editing

- Ιnterview preparation


-Increase self-awareness

-Develop more efficient cognitive-behavioral patterns

-Improve decision-making

​-Develop ability to set & attain appropriate goals

-Overcome difficulties, obstacles

-Enhance ability to develop & implement action plans

-Identify & capitalize on strengths

-Enhance career maturity & self-confidence

-Enhance motivation & resilience

-Develop positive attitude and autonomy

-Increase work satisfaction

-Achieve work-life balance

-Enhance well-being

The issues addressed in each coaching intervention stem from our clients' goals and needs.

Here are some common initial requests:

-I'd like to shed light on what I'm good at/my inclination

-I'd like to select a satisfying career

-I'd like to improve my work domain

-I'd like to change my professional ID / career

-I'd like to make career changes and work out the next steps

-I'd like to find a job relevant to my studies / interests

-I'd like to derive more pleasure from my work

-I'd like to improve the way I manage my personal and work life

-I'd like to get employed abroad

-I'd like to choose appropriate studies/training programs for me

-I'd like to be more confident and present myself more effeciently at job interviews

Our coaching intervention is customized to each client's personality and needs. We refrain from offering success recipes or ready-made solutions because they simply do not exist. The coachee’s active involvement and commitment to the process are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

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