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Career Coaching

Career Coaching


CV coaching-consulting

CV composition, assessment, improvement, update

Key principles & aim 

Structure & content

Reference letter: why it is necessary, how it is structured

Useful links/webpages

*Short-term coaching intervention of 1-2 sessions

Curriculum Vitae

Interview coaching-consulting

Preparation for an employment interview, through a well-structured process with exercises and role-plays, by which the candidate achieves greater self-confidence and learns how to present his/her optimal self.

Techniques for the presentation of strengths and optimal self

Main types of interview questions, their rationale and aim

What is under candidate's control & what is not

Useful links/webpages


*Short-term coaching intervention of 1-2 sessions

Our coaching intervention is customized to each client's personality and needs. We refrain from offering success recipes or ready-made solutions because they simply do not exist. The coachee’s active involvement and commitment to the process are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

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