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Coaching & Mentoring

We support coaches and career counselors in establishing their professional identity and practice with the goal of growth.



-Develop strategic growth plan

-Develop business activation plan

-Develop professional ID

-Cultivate skills

-Improve methods and applications

-Broaden knowledge field


Coaching & Mentoring sessions


Business Development

& Marketing

"Knowledge meetings"

(Individually / small groups)

We provide comprehensive support by designing and implementing the most suitable development plan for our clients, tailored to their goals and needs.


-Increase self-awareness

-Enhance positive personality traits

-Improve self-image

-Enhance self-confidence, motivation

-Enhance effectiveness, efficiency

-Develop resilience

-Facilitate growth, reduce uncertainty/anxiety

-Overcome difficulties, obstacles

-Improve decision-making process

-Cultivate business mindset

-Enhance well-being

Areas of support

Some of the areas that we work on are the following:

- I'd like to explore whether I can start my own business

-I've noticed that I lack some coaching techniques / tools / knowledge

- I’ve completed a training program and I’d like to plan the next steps

-I would like to be reminded of some approaches/techniques/tools

-I feel that I need to develop some practical skills for my work

-I'd like to develop my self-efficacy when working with clients

-How can I combine my current job with working part-time as a coach

-What can I study from now on, how can I make further progress

-I'd like to find out what training courses are available and how can I make the best possible choice

-How can I proceed with my individual accreditation

-I'd like to improve my language skills so I can do sessions in English

Our coaching intervention is customized to each client's personality and needs. We refrain from offering success recipes or ready-made solutions because they simply do not exist. The coachee’s active involvement and commitment to the process are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

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