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Personal Development Coaching


It is addressed to

Individuals who wish to work on & manage effectively personal change and growth issues.

Individuals who are expected to perform in front of an audience (public speakers, athletes, artists, educators, corporate members, etc)



- Manage & implement changes effectively

- Set and attain personal goals

- Overcome procrastination

- Achieve optimal results

- Overcome obstacles, difficulties

- Reinforce progress & growth


-Develop performance strategies and skills

-Identify & capitalize on strengths

-Enhance self-awareness

-Develop more efficient cognitive-behavioral patterns

-Specify desires, skills, abilities

-Improve decision-making process

-Increase self-confidence, self-efficacy, internal locus of control

-Develop positive attitude, autonomy, resilience

-Achieve & maintain work-life balance

-Enhance well-being

The issues that we deal with in each coaching intervention stem from our clients' goals and needs. 

Here are some common initial requests:

-I'd like to be less anxious and more efficient when I speak to an audience

-I'd like to improve my presentation skills

-I'd like to enhance my performance

-I'd like to identify & capitalize on my strengths

-I'd like to create meaning in my life

-I'd like to plan & implement a personal growth plan 

-I'd like to improve on some aspects of my life that slow down my progress

-I'd like to handle more efficiently the different roles that I've taken on in my life

-I'd like to derive greater satisfaction from personal & work life

Our coaching intervention is tailored to each of our client's personality and needs. We do not offer success recipes or ready-made solutions, because they simply do not exist. The coachee’s active involvement and commitment to the process are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

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