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Business Coaching


It is addressed to

- leaders of enterprises / teams

- corporate executives

- freelancers, self-employed

- start-upers



Change      Improve      Grow

 - leader

 - stakeholders

 - enterprise

1-2-1 coaching

Group/Team coaching




-Enhance company’s positive course and sustainability

-Increase self-awareness (of leader/corporation)

-Develop/improve corporate ID

-Develop company's strategic growth plan

-Plan strategic organizational change/improvement

-Identify & capitalize on strengths (individual/corporate)

-Leader’s growth/improvement - Leadership coaching

-Executive’s growth/improvement - Executive coaching

-Work force's growth/improvement

-Development of specific skills & strategies (i.e. communication, leadership, crisis management, public speaking, etc)

-Increase productivity & efficiency

-Enhance motivation & resilience

-Enhance work satisfaction & well-being

The issues addressed in each coaching intervention stem from our clients' goals and needs.

Here are some common initial requests:

-Develop entrepreneur's growth plan

-Identify & exploit company's potential

-Boost motivation and sense of control

-Improve decision making process

-Develop more efficient cognitive-behavioural patterns

​-Develop ability to set & attain appropriate goals

-Specify leader's / company's vision

-Align vision - goals - values

-Overcome difficulties, obstacles

-Develop skills

-Align team with company's goals-values

-Accept & manage change

-Clarify & delegate roles, avoid role-conflict

-Enhance systemic awareness & team-spirit

-Improve working relationships

-Cultivate coaching culture

-Develop positive attitude & autonomy 

-Work-Life balance

Our coaching intervention is customized to each client's personality and needs. We refrain from offering success recipes or ready-made solutions because they simply do not exist. The coachee’s active involvement and commitment to the process are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

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