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Our mission

We assist individuals and businesses in developing awareness, establishing appropriate goals, making informed decisions, and planning and implementing the necessary changes for their improvement and growth. The foundation of this transformative process lies in the development of more efficient cognitive-behavioral patterns and the cultivation of crucial skills.

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Our approach and methodology


Our evidence-based coaching approach is integrated and formed through the synthesis of various methods from Coaching Psychology and Counseling. These approaches are derived from international interdisciplinary research and empirical data.

Thus, it is tailored to the personality and needs of each individual or the requirements of each business to achieve the best possible results. Our approach aligns with the following key coaching principles:

focus on

present & future

focus on

self-directed learning

focus on

focus on 

action & change

focus on


Key Coaching Approaches: Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-focused, Goal-focused, Strengths-based, Developmental, Systemic, Transformational, Positive Psychology Coaching

Our coaching approach is holistic, encompassing all aspects of our client's life while concentrating on the specific area they have chosen to work on. This enables individuals to maintain a comprehensive view of their lives while retaining control. The same approach is applied to organizations. This ensures that changes, goals, and desired results are not only meaningful but also enduring, sustainable, and have a positive impact on both individuals and organizations.

We establish a relationship of equality and trust with each of our clients, fostering a powerful alliance. In this dynamic partnership, the client develops awareness of their desires, identifies their strengths, sets goals, and becomes motivated.

In alignment with our philosophy, we firmly believe in the individual as the "expert" in oneself, possessing the ability to seek their own solutions. We stand by our coachee with respect and total acceptance, facilitating the processes of goal setting, change, and goal attainment.

We do not provide directions, success recipes, or ready-made solutions because they simply do not exist. The coachee's active involvement and commitment to the process are prerequisites for a successful outcome.

Our philosophy

We firmly believe in Positive Psychological Capital, recognizing each person's positive characteristics and strengths that they already possess and can leverage to achieve changes and goals.

As individuals form and shape organizations, the latter undergo change and growth through the development of their leaders and employees.

Our values

We live, work, interact with the world around us based on our core values which serve as our compass:

Solidarity, Ethics, Responsibility, RespectHonesty, Quality, Authenticity, Humility

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