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Values: an integral part of our personal & professional ID.

Our values lie at the core of our self-perception. They interconnect and reflect aspects of our personal and social identity.

Work values, in particular, are related to our professional domain. They are the values that influence the way we behave and act in our work environment.

Work is one of the most important aspects of our life and identity since most of us direct significant amounts of time and physical-mental-emotional energy to our careers. People with different professions are characterized by a different hierarchy of values. For example, in many executives, bankers or financial advisers the values of power and success tend to be more evident, while in a significant number of psychologists or social workers the values of kindness and benevolence seem to be more prominent.

Such career value profiles are not arbitrary or random. They are the result of long-term research and studies, which demonstrate that the pursuit of important goals is facilitated through one’s profession. It has been argued that the workplace is the ideal context for studying the complex nature of values.

Values guide people in the complex and ever-changing context of life.

It is very important, therefore, to develop increasing awareness of what are called personal or work values. These are interconnected and thus forge our identity.

The role of the professional coach is very important, as he/she must have the skills, experience and ability to successfully contribute to and facilitate the process of highlighting the core values of each individual.

Our coaching intervention is designed to facilitate our client (coachee) to identify, clarify and become fully aware of his/her values. When one develops such awareness, they are ready to proceed with greater confidence to the next stages of their (coaching) journey, one of which is the crucial process of goal setting.

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